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Testing Tool for HTTP-Based Services

Continuously test and monitor your HTTP-Based Services to improve availability and quality with our online service.

Tumbo Server

Highly flexible Application Runtime Platform

Tumbo is a Server Platform for  simplifying common development and deployment tasks. It conduce to go live quickly with an application - with less deployment- and configuration requirements. See  tumbo.io or sahli.net/tumbo-io for more information.


Behind the scenes

System Management

Linux Container

The future is inside of Containers. Docker is promoting itself with the slogan:

Build, Ship and Run - Any App, Anywhere

Docker is already accepted by a growing community and market leading companies invest in the new technologie.

Web Development

Agile Frameworks

Custom Web Applications are all around. The Key to a secure, stable and scalable Application is the right choice of Framework and Toolchain.


Backend: Django, Odoo
Frontend: Bootstrap, AngularJS

Application Integration

Reusable Services

Software has to fit into existing architectures and must exchange data with other systems. Application Integration improves flexibility and reduces complexity.


ESB:  Zato