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Testing Tool for HTTP-Based Services

Continuously test and monitor your HTTP-Based Services to improve availability and quality with our online service.

Tumbo Server

Highly flexible Application Runtime Platform

Tumbo is a Server Platform for  simplifying common development and deployment tasks. It conduce to go live quickly with an application - with less deployment- and configuration requirements. See or for more information.


Behind the scenes

System Management

Linux Container

The future is inside of Containers. Docker is promoting itself with the slogan:

Build, Ship and Run - Any App, Anywhere

Docker is already accepted by a growing community and market leading companies invest in the new technologie.

Web Development

Agile Frameworks

Custom Web Applications are all around. The Key to a secure, stable and scalable Application is the right choice of Framework and Toolchain.


Backend: Django, Odoo
Frontend: Bootstrap, Angular

Application Integration

Reusable Services

Software has to fit into existing architectures and mostly communicates with other systems. Application Integration improves flexibility and reduces complexity.


ESB:  Zato

Messaging: Apache Kafka

Cloud Computing

From PaaS over IaaS to SaaS

For flexibility, easier disaster recovery and many other reasons Cloud Computing is the new hype in many IT Domains.


Amazon Web Services

Digital Ocean