Coming soon...

skyblue/planet is still under development and in preparation for going live.


Enjoy Python in a new and effortless way


Write Python code in the browser or on your Dropbox and execute the code from anywhere.

Micro API

Create Micro API's with less effort and use them fron anywhere immediately.


Execute long-running tasks asynchronously and get the results later.

Static Files

Load static files from Python module or your Dropbox.


Share your code with your friends to tell them how you solve problems.


Open sourced under MIT License, the core application behind skyblue/planet is fastapp.

SaaS on

Use it on our hosting platform immediately.

Run skyblue/planetĀ 

Run on your infrastructure a lite version.

Examples and Tutorial

Get ideas and ways to work with skyblue/planet.

For developer

Contribute and make skyblue/planet better!